A new radio-telemetry study of Atlantic salmon on the Allier River in 2019

A study using radio telemetry is ongoing on the mythic Allier River to follow the upstream migration of adult Atlantic salmon. This research, funded by Autoroutes du Sud de la France (ASF) is implemented by SCIMABIO Interface in collaboration with the LOGRAMI association and the Puy-de-dôme departmental federation of fisheries.

map, Vichy, Atlantic Salmon, Scimabio Interface

The first goal of this study is to assess the effects of recent remediation of the Hwy89-river crossing on the fish migration. In complement, the radiottaged fish are followed with two other goals : to evaluate the impacts of two obstacles which can potentially cause delay in migration and to improve the knowledges on the behaviour migration of Atlantic salmon on the whole Allier basin.

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Adults of Atlantic salmon were captured during their spawning migration (between March and June) with a fish trap located in a fishpass at Vichy. In total, 24 fish were tagged with radio tag (model F1845, Advanced Telemetry Systems) inserted into the stomach. Fish were released at the same site just upstream the fishpass.

The movements of tagged individuals are assessed with eleven fixed automatic listening stations (R4500, ATS inc.) installed at several strategic sites and by regular manual tracking.


Work is still in progress !!! please visit our website in a few weks to know the results